Nourish Your Trees From the Roots

Nourish Your Trees From the Roots

Set up your root feeding service in Canyon, TX

Your trees are living, breathing organisms that need proper nutrients to thrive. Keep them strong with consistent root feeding. Trust the pros at Marnell Lawn & Landscape to inject liquid fertilizer, insecticide and fungicide into the deep root areas of your trees. This will keep your trees strong for years to come.

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Discover the benefits of deep root fertilization

Deep root fertilization is essential, especially if your trees aren't getting the nutrients they need to thrive. By injecting liquid fertilizer, insecticide or fungicide, we're:

  • Improving water retention
  • Keeping your tree healthy
  • Increasing foliage and root growth
  • Preventing insect infestation and fungus growth

We offer root feeding services for home and business owners in Canyon, TX and the surrounding area. Contact us now to schedule your service.